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Just Contracting provides small businesses, large corporations, schools, factories, malls, and many others with quality parking lot striping, snow removal, and sweeping services that are ADA-compliant and designed to facilitate safety.

Many parking lots are high-traffic areas due to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic, which means they need to be properly marked. Proper markings ensure that traffic moves as it should and that everyone accessing the parking lot is safe. However, it goes much further than the markings, as the parking lot design has to coincide with its size. The number of parking spaces needed also influences how they are laid out in order to ensure maximum occupancy in a compliant and safe manner.

At Just Contracting, we will work with you on the design of your parking lot and listen to what you need so that you know you have a design and layout that complies with regulations, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act’s requirements. An attractive and easily navigable parking lot also makes a great first impression.