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ADA Lawsuits Increasing in Minnesota

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Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits are increasing in Minnesota due to parking lot designs that are not compliant with the Act. When a parking lot is not designed in accordance with the ADA, it can lead to accessibility issues. In May 2016, Governor Mark Dayton signed an amendment to the Minnesota Human Rights Act that… Read more

Snow Removal Keeps Commercial Properties Safe

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It is that time of year for snow and cold temperatures, but the Twin Cities never stop for the weather. If you have headed to the mall or another commercial establishment during or right after a snow event, you have observed one of two things: a parking lot that is clear of snow and easy… Read more

Spring Parking Lot Sweeping in Minnesota

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It is always nice when spring comes back around because that means the snow will eventually go away in exchange for fun in the sun. As soon as the temperatures start heating up, it is difficult to get your mind off of flip flops, swimming, and cookouts. It is also a good time to remember… Read more