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About Us


Just Contracting, LLC is more than a parking lot maintenance company, but a company that also provides new parking lot layouts, parking lot re-striping, pavement markings, line striping removal, parking lot sweeping and commercial snow removal. As a Minneapolis parking lot maintenance company, we can design parking lots to coincide with the size of the lot and integrate as many spaces as needed based on the parking lot designs and needs of your establishment. We ensure that the work is done in accordance with regulations so that you know your parking lot is sound.

ADA Compliance

Americans with Disabilities Act compliance is very important. The ADA lays out very specific rules for parking lots throughout the country. There are some parking lots throughout the Twin Cities that aren’t ADA compliant. Perhaps that is due to small size or an improper layout. We can look at your parking lot and determine a design that will bring your parking lot into compliance. If you have a new parking lot, we will look at the lot and determine the best layout, present you with this layout, and answer any questions that you may have.

Built On Traditional Values

Jus Contracting, LLC is a company that is built on traditional values. We exercise a strong work ethic and our integrity is very important to us. We believe that communication is one of the keys to our success, which is why we give you a great deal of detail on what needs to be done, what we are doing, and what you need to know when we are finished.

Quality And Precision

We believe in quality and precision, which is why you will find us paying very close attention to detail. You will also find that the parking lots we design and stripe look very professional. Parking lots create first impressions. If a parking lot looks difficult to navigate, has a lot of holes, has faded lines, or isn’t marked properly, a person may avoid it completely. We want our customers to succeed and having a great parking lot is a part of the equation.

Contact A Minneapolis Parking Lot Restriping Company

Schools, factories, department stores, small businesses, office buildings, and many others throughout the Twin Cities benefit from quality parking lot layouts and striping. If you are ready for a new design, redesign, striping, or restriping, Just Contracting has the experience and expertise to make sure the job is done right so that your parking lot is ADA compliant and also compliant with local regulations. To learn more about our services, call us at 952-469-1866 today.