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ADA Compliance Striping

Is your parking lot legal? Is your parking lot ADA compliant?

Compliance is a federal requirement and violations can be costly with fines and possible lawsuits or downtime. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) is a complex law.  Code compliant accessible parking is extremely important for persons with disabilities in their community to be able to grocery shop, go to the hospital, go to local retails and more. The Minnesota State Council on Disability wants to encourage you to provide disability parking if you don’t, or, if needed, to update the disability parking you do provide.

Please use the Minnesota State Council on Disability’s Quick Reference Guide to Accessible Parking Standards (PDF) to bring your parking into compliance with current minimum standards. You can also visit Minnesota’s ADA website.

Protect Your Business – Striping, Line Removal, Design

The ADA act requires businesses to have readily accessible parking lots. At Just Contracting, we commonly help businesses become ADA compliant by abiding by these laws and regulations. We provide ADA compliant striping, line removal and design of parking lots.