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Commercial Snow Removal

Parking Lot Snow Removal

In Minnesota, business doesn’t stop just because it has snowed. In fact, it is business as usual, but that doesn’t mean that walking or driving through a parking lot that is covered in snow is safe. When the parking lot is covered with snow, the lines are covered and that makes it impossible to see where to park. Handicap spaces can’t be seen, directional arrows are nowhere to be found, no parking zones suddenly become non-existent, and stop and yield signs on the ground can’t be read.

Just Contracting can come to your business and remove the snow from the parking lot so that drivers can enter the parking lot with confidence. They have a lesser chance of sliding into another vehicle, driving over wheel stops that they can’t see, sliding into pedestrians, or not knowing where to park. They can navigate with ease and that means you are going to get the business that the competitor who doesn’t have their parking lot plowed isn’t going to get. People want to be safe and you can give them that.

Fast Snow Removal Service

One of the aspects of our service is that we work quickly. We do this so that the disruption to business is minimal or so there is no disruption at all. We are mindful of traffic patterns if snow removal must take place during business hours. We will ask you questions, answer yours, and ensure you are aware of what the process entails and how it will be done.

Helping You Reduce Liability

Although an act of nature like snow isn’t your fault, you could be held liable in an accident case if an effort wasn’t made to remove the snow. By calling our Minneapolis commercial snow removal company, you are making that effort and we will get the job done. This reduces the chances of a lawsuit against you for failing to remove snow for customer or visitor safety. In other words, this is a solution that can potentially save you a lot of money and headaches while attracting people to your business even when there is snow on the ground.

Contact A Minneapolis Commercial Snow Removal Company

At Just Contracting, we know how tough the Minnesota winters can be. When the snow starts falling, it’s time for parking lots to be cleared. We can come to your business and clear your parking lot quickly so you can get back to business as usual. To learn more about this service and our other parking lot services, call us at 952-469-1866 to request a free quote.