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Line Striping Removal

Parking Lot Redesign Starts With Line Removal

Line striping is important, but so is line striping removal. One of the most common reasons behind the need for line striping removal is parking lot redesign. Over time, the needs of a business can change and that means the parking lot may need to change. Perhaps more parking spaces need to be placed on the lot, so the angle of the spaces are changed. Maybe the handicap spaces were in the wrong locations and they need to be moved to the proper locations. There are many reasons behind the need.

Experienced Paint Line Removal

As an experienced Minneapolis line striping removal company, Just Contracting, LLC has the experience and the tools to properly remove paint lines from the pavement. There are different materials that we use that successfully remove the lines from the parking lot that way you aren’t left with any remnants of the old lines. Unfortunately, there are cases where businesses have their parking lots relined and slight remains of the old lines can be seen. We ensure this doesn’t happen to minimize confusion by visitors when they enter your parking lot. Plus, your parking lot is part of that first impression, so you don’t want old lines to interfere with that impression in any way.

Fast And Effective

While we pay close attention to detail, we make sure we are as efficient as possible. This is so we can be finished with the project as soon as possible, minimizing disruption within your parking lot. Sometimes we are able to eliminate disruption completely, depending on the layout of your parking lot and the details of the project. We will be sure to communicate every aspect of the project to you so you always know what is happening and why. This is a commitment that we make to you and a testament to the high level of service that we provide all of our customers.

Contact A Minneapolis Line Striping Removal Company

Line striping removal is important for when a parking lot has to undergo a design change or when part of the lot may no longer need to be used for parking. There are plenty of reasons behind why lines need to be removed and Just Contracting is there to satisfy those reasons. If you need to have your parking lot redesigned or simply need lines to disappear, call us at 952-469-1866 to request a free quote.