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New Parking Lot Layout


Experience & Dedication To Parking Lot Design

The primary objective of establishing a new parking lot layout is to make sure the parking lot provides efficient vehicular access to parking spaces that serve businesses, residential facilities, schools, and many others. This access must also be safe. Everything is considered from the use of the pavement by large vehicles, as well as pedestrian traffic. There are many considerations that must be evaluated when designing a parking lot that makes the best use of space while also remaining compliant with regulations, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Attractive, Well-Designed, And Functional

Many facilities turn to Just Contracting as their Minneapolis parking lot layout company because they want an attractive parking lot that is well-designed and functional. Unfortunately, there are many times that the important functions of a new parking lot are overlooked. First, the parking lot is the first aspect of a business or other facility that is seen by its users or potential users. It is the gateway in which a customer makes their way into a business.

When a parking lot is properly designed, parking areas can be safe, attractive, and easily used. Furthermore, they can be designed to lower maintenance costs as much as possible. The parking lot can also be modified later when the patterns of use change.

Considering Traffic Usage

Many parking lot designs are based on traffic usage once the parking lot is completed. This requires a great deal of communication during the general planning phase so that we can understand how the parking lot will be used and so you can understand how we are going to meet your needs. Such factors as parking angle are considered in order to ensure the parking lot is safe and efficient.

We Ensure ADA Compliance

We also make sure your parking lot is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This is very important to ensure that anyone and everyone has fair and safe access to your parking lot and business. Even if your parking lot is small, our Minneapolis parking lot layout company has the talent and knowledge to make it compliant.

Contact A Minneapolis Parking Lot Layout Company

A parking lot that is easy to navigate is one that will see more traffic. If you are having a new parking lot laid, it is important that it has an efficient design and that it is striped properly. At Just Contracting, we believe in precision, compliance with regulations, and quality work that will last a long time. To learn more about our new parking lot layout service, call us at 952-469-1866 for a free quote.