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Parking Lot Re-Striping

Revitalize Your Parking Lot

Parking lot lines can fade over time. Because your parking lot is the first thing that visitors see, it is very important to have the parking lot re-striped when fading is noticed. Lines that are extremely faded can make it very difficult for people to see which direction they should be driving, whether or not they are parking within the spaces, and which spaces are handicap accessible and which aren’t. A lot of confusion is experienced by drivers when the lines and pavement markings are so faint they are practically driving blind.

At Just Contracting, LLC, we can re-stripe your parking lot so that faded lines are not an issue for your business and customers. As a quality Minneapolis parking lot re-striping company, we use the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure the re-striping lasts as long as possible.

Ensuring ADA Compliance

If the lines fade, ADA compliance can become an issue. The Americans with Disabilities Act has specific regulations regarding handicap spaces. When the lines and handicap space markings fade, it can be difficult for a person to see where they are supposed to park. It can also cause those that aren’t handicapped to use the spaces.

If your parking lot wasn’t previously in compliance, we can make sure that it becomes compliant while we are re-striping the surface.

Re-Striping For Any Reason

Some common reasons as to why our Minneapolis parking lot re-striping company res-stripes parking lots include:

  • Lines are not neat or straight
  • There are no established fire lanes
  • There are no markings for pedestrian traffic
  • Markings are not properly painted
  • Lack of visible markings may be leaving a business open to lawsuits
  • A more favorable impression needs to be made

Sometimes a re-striping project may require the removal of old lines in order to lay down neater and more accurate lines. Other times, new markings may need to be added to ensure the parking lot is compliant with regulations and recommendations. The more defined the parking lot, the less likely it is a business will have to deal with liability issues. Customers or visitors are also much happier when they visit an establishment or facility with an easy-to-follow and well-maintained parking lot.

Contact A Minneapolis Parking Lot Re-Striping Company

When you notice the lines and pavement markings on your parking lot fading, it’s time to have them re-striped so that visitors can continue to enjoy the safety of your parking lot. When lines and instructional markings are faded or have completely disappeared, visitors feel less safe and that can affect business. To learn more about how Just Contracting can help you, call us at 952-469-1866 for a free quote.