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Pavement Markings

The Tools, Experience and Expertise You Need

Pavement markings in parking lots are very important. Drive into a large department store parking lot and you will see the many lines that separate the parking spaces, but you will also see the handicap symbol in parking spaces toward the front. You will see a fire lane, a no parking zone, and even pedestrian parking. The different lot sizes can also have arrows that state which direction traffic should flow. There are stop and yield markings on pavement that tells drivers what to do in specific areas. Without these markings, the flow of traffic would be a mess and that would mean more accidents and many liability issues for the business.

Just Contracting has the tools, experience, and expertise to ensure your parking lot has the appropriate markings. It is very important that drivers know what to do once they enter the parking lot or their safety and the safety of others could be at risk. It is also important that they feel comfortable in the parking lot so that they have no problem visiting again.

We Make Your Parking Lot Compliant

If your existing markings are fading or you never had any at all, it is important to call our Minneapolis pavement markings company as soon as possible. First, not having the proper markings can result in a regulations violation. There is also the fact that handicap spaces that are not properly marked are not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. When we come in, we assess your parking lot, determine what markings apply, and we bring it into compliance.

Prompt And Professional

During the entire process, you will notice that we take professionalism very seriously. However, we do believe in a more personable relationship with our clients. This is where our traditional values come into play. We communicate with you throughout the entire process, letting you know what needs to be done to make the parking lot compliant and then informing you as we complete the process. The end result is a properly marked parking lot that is compliant, safe, and reduces your chances of liability. It also makes your visitors feel more confident about coming to your establishment.

Contact A Minneapolis Pavement Markings Company

Pavement markings are a functional part of a parking lot in that they give drivers and pedestrians direction. From pedestrian crossings to no parking zones and handicap spaces, these markings are very important to the flow of traffic. If you have a new parking lot or your existing parking lot is missing these markings, Just Contracting, LLC can help you. To learn more about this and our other parking lot services, call us at 952-469-1866 to request a free quote.