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Snow Removal Keeps Commercial Properties Safe

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It is that time of year for snow and cold temperatures, but the Twin Cities never stop for the weather. If you have headed to the mall or another commercial establishment during or right after a snow event, you have observed one of two things: a parking lot that is clear of snow and easy to navigate or a parking lot with so much snow in it you can’t tell where the parking spaces begin or end or which direction traffic flows. The latter is a very dangerous situation. It is dangerous for visitors to the property and it is a liability for the property owner.

If you are one of those property owners, it can be very beneficial to you and everyone you welcome to the property to keep your parking lot clear of snow. Not only does a clear parking lot help people navigate safely, but it is also the key to avoiding slips and falls. Slips and falls are also reasons for lawsuits because the injuries people experience can be serious. If you haven’t had a customer or visitor slip and fall yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. The Accredited Snow Contractors Association says that there are approximately 30,000 slip and fall claims in the U.S. every year and snow and ice are the culprits.

Setting Up A Service

It is ideal to hire a commercial snow removal company From November 1st until April because snow can arrive at any time during this period. The questions you want to ask yourself before making the call so you know what you want out of your service is as follows:

  • Do I need sidewalk shoveling?
  • Do I need sidewalk salt?
  • Does my parking lot need a plow truck, skid loader, or other heavy equipment?
  • Will my parking lot ever need bulk salt?
  • Will my property ever need snow piles removed or blown back?

These are all important things to consider when choosing the contractor and hiring them.

You already have enough to worry about in the business, so not having to add snow removal to the list of responsibilities on your plate is going to benefit you in a lot of ways.

More Than Just A Snow Plowing Service

Although it may seem like just a snow plowing service, commercial snow removal is much more than that because it is about keeping your commercial property safe. Visitors are protected and so are your employees. The last thing you need is an employee getting into a slip and fall or car accident on the parking lot. Not only could you be held liable, but you also lose manpower. Some businesses, such as retailers, obtain a return on their investment because of the potential lawsuits they avoid.