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Spring Parking Lot Sweeping in Minnesota

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It is always nice when spring comes back around because that means the snow will eventually go away in exchange for fun in the sun. As soon as the temperatures start heating up, it is difficult to get your mind off of flip flops, swimming, and cookouts.

It is also a good time to remember to have your parking lot swept.

Think of it as spring cleaning because the winter has most likely put your parking lot through it. Cars bring in salt, sand, and gravel throughout the winter as they travel in the snow. Your parking lot may be looking a bit dull because of these foreign elements that have settled. There may even be some litter hanging around.

Just Contracting deploys a street sweeper on your parking lot and one of the two on-hand uses a true Regenerative Air System, which gives a new meaning to “spring cleaning.” This is because the air is cleaned before it passes through the blower. Combined with a controlled jet of air that is directed through a blast orifice, debris can be powerfully removed from the surface of your parking lot. This air moves at a high velocity so the finest dust can be removed. Rocks, dirt, trash, and leaves are just examples of what can be removed. The cleaner has a large hopper so that no debris is accidentally left behind. 

The second parking lot sweeper, a Tymco 210, is smaller than the Tymco 600 Re-gen air described above. It is ideal for smaller jobs but significantly cuts down cleaning time. It is efficient and highly effective.

When a broom sweeper is needed, the Elgin Pelican street sweeper gets the job done. This is a three-wheel sweeper that has a long history behind it. Since 1914, the company has integrated more and more improvements, making it highly effective in cleaning your parking lot. Despite its retro look, it is quiet and has 360-degree visibility, which is why it is used in cases where a high level of maneuverability is needed. If an area is congested, this is the sweeper that can be used to get the job done.

So when it is springtime and you are overwhelmed by what winter has done to your parking lot, which is an important part of your landscaping when attracting visitors, the issue can be rectified. Parking lot sweeping is also important to the longevity of your parking lot, so it is good to schedule regular cleanings or at least have the parking lot cleaned when you notice excessive debris, such as the debris that can be blown in by a storm.